Bobby’s 12 Promises for 2012

Government Spending, Taxes and Jobs

1. I will work to put Oklahoma state government on a diet and reduce the bureaucracy that eats up so many of our tax dollars. Families must live within a budget, and government needs to learn that lesson too.
2. We are taxed enough. Oklahoma families work hard for their paychecks and deserve to keep more of what they earn. I will fight for lower taxes.
3. Private industry creates jobs. The government creates dependency. I will use my business experience to help build a legal, tax and regulatory environment that promotes, rather than hinders, private job creation.

Traditional Values

4. I support the traditional values that have made this country great. I am 100 percent pro-life and will support the right to life.
5. I support traditional marriage. Strong, healthy families are the bedrock of our state and nation.
6. I am a licensed concealed carrying gun owner and NRA member.  I will be a strong defender of our Second Amendment rights.
7. I will be a strong voice for our small communities and rural way of life.

Schools and Healthcare

8. As a former school board member, I will be a strong advocate for our schools. Money alone will not solve all our problems; through reform, efficiency and higher standards, our students will succeed. I will support good pay for teachers, appropriate local funding of schools, high standards and less red tape.
9. I oppose Obamacare and socialized medicine.  I will do all I can to oppose its implementation in this state and this country.


Public Safety and Transportation

10. I support the death penalty, a crackdown on juvenile crime and requiring welfare recipients to pass drug tests. I will oppose the early release of criminals.
11. I support a real crackdown on illegal immigration and oppose amnesty proposals like those advanced at the state Capitol last year.
12. I support using transportation taxes for road building.We need better roads in this state, and I will work to stop the diversion.